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Human beings are subtle and complex. Palmistry is an art that is itself subtle and complex. A good chirologist can pinpoint contradictions and complexities that lurk in the myth commonly called 'the personality'. A reading is an exploration of the inner landscape and can be likened to a counselling session, rather than a confrontation with a fixed fate. A palm reading is much more : it is a moment a revelation , opportunity and change. Modern hand reading is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled practitioner, and can reveal childhood conditioning, areas of struggle, latent fears, talents, natural predispositions, confidence levels, basic health conditions and much more.

True self awareness puts you at the helm of your life, that you may be truly free.
Of course it is possible to predict the likely general course of your life. But the future is shaped by your expectations. It is possible to develop a much more positive attitude to change, and to create the adaptations we all need to make, as a part of life's rich journey..

The ambition of modern hand reading is self-awareness, placing the individual at the helm of their life, so that one is not bound by fate but freed by self-knowledge.

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