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I'm available for hire for workshops in the UK and worldwide in all aspects of hand reading: beginner's courses, and more advanced tuition into emotional, sexual, psychological, medical, spiritual and vocational palmistry. I run weekend and two-day workshop diploma series, in which successful students are awarded a professional-level hand reading diploma. You will be expected to do some homework and collect a selection of palm prints during the course.

Workshop 1 covers the history of chirology and its contemporary context, hand dominance, the traditional elements, basic psychology and hand shape, skin texture and receptivity.

Workshop 2 explores the thumb, its length, angle and stiffness, the fingers, their development and importance in reflecting nurturing experiences and psychological priorities and the consequences of fingers that are relatively long or short, bent or leaning.

Workshop 3 covers the dermatoglyphics (the finger and palm prints), the basic shape and form of the print patterns and the consequences of a particular pattern on a particular digit or part of the palm.

Workshop 4 studies the major lines, the quality, length, strength, form and meaning of the four major lines. How to interpret the major lines.

Workshop 5 covers the minor lines, their individual meaning and insights into their interpretation.

Workshop 6 is about integrating all the points you've learned so far by reading a palm collectively. Then we'll talk about how you are to continue your reading practice, how to gain more experience and how to complete your diploma paper..

The next day beginner's workshop series starts in April 2015 over two Saturdays in Norwich. Please e-mail me for details. Keep up to date with all workshops and events on my facebook page by clicking here. In June, 2015, I'm running an in-depth palmistry course at the Grue Demioselle holiday centre in France. With intensive training and lots of support, you'll learn all the latest palm reading techniques. Full details here.